Pastor Tony Davis is a songwriter, gospal recording artist, author, film producer, and national advocate speaker from the Los Angeles California area.


ORDAINED PASTOR: Pastor Davis was ordained as a minister in June 2001. 10-years later he was ordained as an associate pastor at the “Saints Of Value Ministerial Training Center” in Norwalk California on April 2, 2011 and he is a staff pastor at “New Dawn B.C. in Pasadena CA.”  


SONGWRITER / PRODUCER: Pastor Davis has written, co-written, and produced over five CD projects, two music videos, two documentaries, and a featured film of his life story entitled “ The Miracle Of Tony Davis “.


AUTHOR / INSPIRATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Pastor Davis is also the author of a bestseller book, “Heaven Is Real ”, which has received media attention from outlets all over the world, and has been a keynote speaker for churches, conferences, banquets, schools, and homeless shelters all across the country…


RADIO HOST / TV HOST: In the pass Pastor Davis has host and co-hosting various radio broadcast in California, Georgia, and Alabama; and he has co-hosted and appeared on various television shows across the Country for the past 12-years...


ADVOCATE: Pastor Davis is a very strong advocate against gang-violence since God brought him back to life after he was brutally shot five times leaving ten bullet holes through his body by a Los Angeles-based gang on July 1, 2003 during a regular trip to pick up his wife from work.  From this horrible, but life-changing, experience he penned the book, Heaven Is Real; co-produced a documentary, Heaven Is Real: the Documentary; and has currently finished a featured film based on his life story entitled “The Miracle Of Tony Davis” …..                                                                                                 

TESTIMONY: Pastor Davis has shared his story many times on National and International television networks such as: “TBN(Trinity Broadcasting Network)”, “The 700 Club”, “ and “A&E Bio Channel Episode of - I Survived - Beyond and Back”,  “The WORD Network”, and "The Discovery Channel Network" - DESTINATION AMERICA - 'Project Afterlife'  …


Currently Pastor Davis is on tour screening his film in selected theaters across the country along with his National “STOP THE VIOLENCE WITH TONY DAVIS”- Tour Events, bringing “Unity In The Community”…”These events brings together the community with Resources, Clergy, Activists, Celebrities, and former gang-members to empower its residents to take action against senseless violent crimes that have plagued our communities for years .


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‘Stop The Violence with Tony Davis’ events are national events that are brought to cities across the country.  The purpose of the events are to spread a message of hope that will empower our communities to take action against the senseless violent crimes that have plagued our communities throughout the nation.  The event brings together communities, community activists, clergy, former gang members and families of all social-economic backgrounds that have lost loved ones through gang violence.  The event will feature live musical performances, presentations and remarks from local leaders. 



To spread the message of hope that will empower our communities to take action against the senseless violent crimes that have plagued our communities.



Stop The Violence with Tony Davis events mission is simple: To provide the community a venue to promote peace and well-being for all – welcoming everyone to participate in this endeavor. 



Minister Tony Davis has been hosting ‘Stop The Violence with Tony Davis’ events for the past 12 years across the country. Successful past events have captured the attention of business and community leadership resulting in requests for Tony Davis Ministries to bring ‘Stop The Violence With Tony Davis’ events to additional cities across the nation, our past events includes the following cities: Marietta Georgia, San Antonio Texas, Los Angeles California, Long- beach California, Dayton Ohio, and Canton Mississippi.

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