The Tony Davis Ministry is a faith-based 501c3 non-profit organization, that serves all people regardless of their race, creed or color. Our ministry evokes the spirit of God in reaching out to families and communities who are spiritually broken and seeking healthier lifestyles of living.


The Tony Davis Ministry was founded by Tony Davis an associate ordain pastor who was a victim of an unprovoked attack by a gang and left to die in the streets of Los Angeles. Shot five times and having ten bullet holes. He was pronounced dead twice by doctors, who had given up hope of saving him. But God was not through with him yet.

As he delivered Brother Davis from death he also had a conversation with him as Mr. Davis looked at the beautiful colors in heaven. After which he sent him back saying to him “feed my sheep with the message of peace and forgiveness”. Brother Davis not only embraced the message but also knew that God can do what the doctors couldn’t do.

Pastor Davis has been viewed on National Networks such as TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)”, “The 700 Club”, “A&E Network Channel Episode of – I Survived - Beyond and Back”, “The WORD Network”, “The Discovery Channel Network – DESTINATION AMERICA” - 'Project Afterlife', “(SPT) Sony Pictures and Television Network the Dr. Oz Show”.


The ministry has several goals and reaches out as an ambassador and a vehicle seeking to help communities, families and individuals heal from the pain of unhealthy lifestyles that are impeders[RA1]  to spiritual growth. Through programs that are geared to raise the awareness, educate people by providing options for healthier lifestyles. It is our hope that people develop a self-constitution that will be a blessing not only to themselves but others as well such as their families and their communities.


There are five major areas the ministry will focus on


  1. Evangelism Ministry
  2. Violence Prevention
  3. Holistic and Health
  4. Community Collaborations Development
  5. Ministry Speaker Series
  6. Humanitarian Project of the Year




Large or Small - Your donation helps us reach Communities across the country - to spread a message of






‘Stop The Violence with Tony Davis’ events are national events that are brought to cities across the country.  The purpose of the events are to spread a message of hope that will empower our communities to take action against the senseless violent crimes that have plagued our communities throughout the nation.  The event brings together communities, community activists, clergy, former gang members and families of all social-economic backgrounds that have lost loved ones through gang violence.  The event will feature live musical performances, presentations and remarks from local leaders. 



To spread the message of hope that will empower our communities to take action against the senseless violent crimes that have plagued our communities.



Stop The Violence with Tony Davis events mission is simple: To provide the community a venue to promote peace and well-being for all – welcoming everyone to participate in this endeavor. 



Minister Tony Davis has been hosting ‘Stop The Violence with Tony Davis’ events for the past 12 years across the country. Successful past events have captured the attention of business and community leadership resulting in requests for Tony Davis Ministries to bring ‘Stop The Violence With Tony Davis’ events to additional cities across the nation, our past events includes the following cities: Marietta Georgia, San Antonio Texas, Los Angeles California, Long- beach California, Dayton Ohio, and Canton Mississippi.

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